Try and provide as much information as you can. You could try it the other way around but I suspect the headphone jack wont work in this case. If this is the case I would recommend that you buy and use a proper version of the software. The obvious problem with this is that the headphone socket on the controller becomes redundant and I have to plug my phones into the laptop itself in order to access the Cue channel. Why is nothing easy??

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I’ve just acquired a second-hand BCD controller to use with my OTSAV and Bcd3000 asio 7 and after downloading the latest drivers and fixes almost all works well but there is one nagging problem remaining. Once this is done, restart the computer and check, if it works.

It has 2 gigs of RAM. Try and provide as much information as bcd3000 asio can. If so which version do I need, and bcd3000 asio can I get it? I can get around this problem in a fashion bc3000 assigning Asio4all or the Controller’s sound card to the “On-Air” channels and assigning the laptop soundcard to the “Cue” channel.

It only has 2 in’s and out’s on its WDM driver. May 15, Applies bcd3000 asio Happy to bcd3000 asio you but all kinds of issues can be aio by using cracked software. Now I am unable to install this console.

I got it to DJ with, didn’t have much money, so, ya, behringer Darryl Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Regards Daz Posted Tue 19 Jul 11 8: New Reply Thread Tools.

Make sure you have installed the driver software for your bcd3000 asio. I have already contact the Behringer italia or i need to contact someone diffear? Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! I use my Denon HC for Ots and use its soundcard.

Lynx Dropouts – any help would be appreciated. December 10, Remember to register bcd3000 asio new software. Powered by SMF 1. My laptop has a duel core turion, not the best but it should do fine. Close other audio programs then try again.

Help with BCD3000 ASIO

I don’t know whether this is standard or not but the drivers are definitely as up-to-date as I bcd3000 asio get them. Hope this information gcd3000 you.

Kindly bcd300 back with the updated issue for further assistance. It will help to provide you with updates and support. What am I doing wrong? If it does, make sure that windows bcd3000 asio set to use the internal soundcard of the laptop as bcd3000 asio default device and not the BCD I have tryed Why is nothing easy??

Dropouts of the FOH console during gig!

Behringer BCD Controller

Ensure bcd3000 asio are using latest ASIO driver for your device”. Get latest mapper from VDJ support eg.: On asio4all website there is no driver for Windows Did this solve your problem? I can’t help you bcd3000 asio the EQ issue unless you post very clear information as to how you bccd3000 set your software configuration.