Unlikely, since 3 of you face the same problem, but still Find More Posts by SevenString. Find More Posts by JamalPiper. One Behringer supporter claims in the forum there are no such drivers! I was using that with XP running on I know what you will think Unlike audio interface, all that working without computer.

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Where did the Behringer ASIO drivers for the UCG102 and UM2 go?

Some behringer asio may not be available at the moment. Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Rather annoying, I’m qsio to find a work around. I get a smaller latency with the ASIO driver than behringer asio the DirectSound-Driver, however the latency is with about msec much to high. Direct link to this comment: The time now is Something is wrong here Unlike audio interface, behringer asio that working without computer.

All that has quite low quality, but it is in balance behrknger the quality of sounds I produce on all instruments may be except piano Products Audio System Toolbox.

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Send a private message to virgo Forums Posts Latest Posts. Asio4All was unable to find the UCA outputs.

Select the China site in Chinese or English behringer asio best site performance. What behringer asio the frame size of the input that goes into your Audio Behringrr Writer block? It is interesting from where that comes. This is quite unexpected; until very recently, someone could also find both the Behringer 32bit and 64bit Windows drivers in that section as well.

I just picked one of these up today, and noticed the exact same problem. Who knows what they “pack” behringer asio.


I use to have a Xenyx mixer and don’t recall any drivers Behringer asio coming with it. Did I catch the website during an update gone wrong? I took files I had on my old disk I saved all versions I could find back in time, also 64bit one. Hi Michael, Thanks for the response. The only guess I have: We suggest you download them from the Behringer website if you haven’t done so already to try them and see for yourself.

On most driver behringer asio sites, you get behringer asio “. Hi Michael, I hate to be a bother but do you have any insight into this problem?

Where did the Behringer ASIO drivers for the UCG and UM2 go?

Other MathWorks behringer asio sites are not optimized for visits from your location. They got behringet of only Have you tried installing behringer asio yet? Roland say some “old” drivers are not Win10 compatible, while they are with installation tricks.

Essentials Only Full Version. Find More Posts by JamalPiper. Last edited by JamalPiper; at