Nothing to be done about it in that case and it makes the above speculations academic. Channel 1 was connected to the base of a BC transistor when i was trying to replace a resistor with the relay still energized. WordPress garbled the last comment toward the end. Then I can talk to the developer about some real experiences. It seems the DSO definitely supports it, and the offical Hantek software also uses it. To be on the safe side but to increase the sample rate.

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The CPLD dso-2090 usb acquiring data and signals the that a measurement is ready. As Hantek also sells similar models with higher uwb, I immediately took the device apart to better understand how it works and to see if it can be pushed a dso-2090 usb more, especially regarding the realtime sample rate.

Sorry to hear about the openhantek forum… You should take it as a best effort thing! This breakout lead is dso-2090 usb to take voltage readings from numerous sensors in vehicle engine compartment. Dso-2009 I disconnect the usb cable the software loads normally. Auto Ignition Probe HT Try setting the scope to 10 us and leave the trigger point at 50 percent like you have it in the picture. The production line might have a great day when your 60 mhz part was made and ended up marking a mhz part as a 60 because dso-2090 usb had a quota to fill.

First time I saw it was at the OpenHantek website. Have not heard back from Oliver dso-2090 usb, and the openhantek. Simple accessory that allow you to take accurate secondary ignition measurements on COP ignition systems. Ddo-2090 dso-2090 usb above problems I am going to return the for a refund and buy the Rigol. I guess I just landed on a buggy commit last dso-2090 usb. I find this disturbing because seeing accurate representation of pulse edges is a common use for me.

New Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope – DSO

But if the algorithm is dso-2090 usb wrong I would expect to see the dso-2090 usb edge jump around as I manually move the triggerpoint along sample. Hi Fabio, I got the and have been playing with dso-2090 usb using the Windows software. See details for additional description.

I do not know what I am doing wrong! But the problem for me is that I require stable basic operation under XP. Especially when it got warm, it gave me the red blinking led.

Inside a Hantek DSO-2090 USB Oscilloscope

Will try again later dso-2090 usb and let you know. Power your oscilloscopes and other electronic devices through your vehicle’s DC outlet with this power adapter. Both channels dso-2090 usb this problem.

The triggering is rock solid. When I run the software it freezes the computer. Overview Parameters Comparison Accessories Download.

It has some nice features and performance for its price. I got the protocol dso-2090 usb the hantekdso project, which is also where openhantek got it.

Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

The second is the erratic triggering. Filed under Hardware Tagged with diydsoelectronicshardware hackingoscilloscope. Dso-2090 usb are two issues here.

There seems to be some room between the board and the dso-2090 usb of case so that air from the bottom can come up around OK. Could you estimate how often do you see ds-o2090 wrong waveform when sampling the 1kHz test signal?

Seems like that would cause the ub dso-2090 usb delays as using logic gates on outputs of a conventional counter as described above. If anyone are interested in testing or dso-2090 usb, please tell. Me, but somewhere else GitHub LinkedIn. Your observation about the hantekdso guy translating machine code language is interesting.