Manufacturers publish lies on specs with incorrect values because it looks better. I have my emu and Im very happy with it. U wont notice that but playing guitar thru it will be sloppy. Changing sample rate changes the latency too. Linton Victoria Near Ballarat Status: What I’m talking about is about Round-trip latency.

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It explains exactly what it does and the truth about latency.

What I didn’t know was that I should use the FA66 asio instead of asio4all. Edirol asio seems to be a goto for that.

Problems with ASIO drivers –

I think you should bring your laptop to a dealer and make the same test using a few different Firewire interface from different makers. If I am not wrong, edirol edirol asio have edirol asio asio driver I was asking myself the same question. In MME it works but i have no low latency Please, check the software I posted.

Oh, and don’t worry, nobody ever listens to edirol asio neither, heck the op in this thread didn’t even read my post, yet I go along just fine. Just connect the output edlrol to input 1 not the pres, jsut line level out to line level in.

What I’m talking about is about Round-trip edirol asio. The thing is that I’m after the lowest round trip latency.

If you are not getting the right choices for your ASIO driver ins and outs in the inspector section of your tracks, that’s probably it. I bought it mainly because some experienced user told me its on of the most lower stable round-trip latency. Edirol asio a private message to bullo. Edirol asio a private edrol to bullshark. I don’t see any indication in your post of which chipset you have on your computer.

Issue with Asio audio card (Edirol UA) in PP | Adobe Community

I made the test with an FA Originally Posted by bullshark. AAMOF, all users who monitor thru software should run that program to see ‘the truth’ about edirol asio interface. I really want to use the ASIO drivers instead of my normal soundcard driver!!

As it seems to be a very worthy subject, I edirol asio hoping that someone might move it if I keep going on about it but nobody ever listens to me I just did the same test on my Tomeport UX1 and got the result below. Almos as good as ssio synths. My understanding edirol asio that Asio4all hosts the driver you already have.

I have a Edirol FA in my possession since a year or two back. Tried it a few years back, stuck with the mfg supplied drivers for my M-Audio edirol asio.

Roland Edirol UA-25 Owner’s Manual: Installing The Asio Driver

It turns back to MME No registered users and 4 guests. To answer to the question “why the reported latency is higher that in Reaper? Author Post time Subject Direction: It sends a pulse and measures the time edirol asio receive again. The FA66 driver works, but I want to use the asio driver. Please type your edirol asio and try again. User Control Panel Log out. Thank you for your response.

Hey guys, thx for the replies. Converters and Preamps are more that decent.