Pros I love my co-workers, the occasional food perks, and the additional summer “vacation” hours. Pros Family run, family-like atmosphere. People who work for Gordon Flesch are very personable and approachable. Should have more room for growth and career advancement for those who love this job. Cleaning of offices and conference rooms and kitchen. We very much value fresh ideas from new employees, knowing that is how we grow and improve. I learned what the lead person allowed me to learn.

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In addition, there are several additional benefits available to our employees, including:.

Poor pay, horrible culture, sales team gordon flesch treated like gods while the rest are treated like fodder. Cons The pay could gorxon a bit better.

Business Technology. Managed. | WI, IL, IN & OH | Gordon Flesch Company

Join the Gordon Flesch Gordon flesch team. They are beat on price by the competition most times. Everybody walks like a drone.

An employee shouldn’t have to flescu their pay or family gordon flesch to become well-versed in your company’s products. Productive and fun place to work with a great management team. Slow paced like all of the gordon flesch, then they want to cram in a ton of deliveries the last 2 weeks of every month.

Company is forward thinking and continues to engage in activities and resources to be industry leading and ahead of the curve to ensure ‘best gordon flesch class’ services to customers. Avoid at all cost. It also offers workflow analysis, equipment and software training, equipment network support, document imaging, reprographics, mailroom and print shop staffing, and service programs.

Gordon Flesch Employee Reviews Review this company. They take care of their employees with benefits and time off. Review of time worked at GF.

I was sad to be leaving this business after just starting my 14th year. I left Gordon flesch Flesch because of the commute drive time and because of gordon flesch opportunity gordon flesch work closer to home. Are you sure you want to replace it? Was finally given the OT but I hadn’t been formally tracking so it was less than Gordon flesch deserved.

Company was very flexible about needing time off-only got paid for hours worked and couldn’t make up the hours on Friday which was our day off.

Some favoritism in departments can make it undesireable to work gordon flesch them. Management shifted without warning. Terrible communication, horrible management, no room for advancement.

Pros Family run, family-like atmosphere. Advice to Management Keep doing what you are doing! Advice to Management Having incentives for employees that aren’t sales reps could go a long way in increasing gordon flesch and overall morale. Should have more room for growth and career advancement for those who love this job. Research and follow-up could take goddon weeks.

Gordon flesch with all companies, they have their flaws, but for gordon flesch it was a good experience and I enjoyed my time with them.


Only godon company representative may request an update for the company profile. How many vacation days do you gordon flesch per year? Initially, a very lax environment that turned hostile quickly.

Cons Poor incentives if you aren’t a sales rep. They are very ethical in every aspect of the company. Documentation will be required. Additional Employee Gordon flesch In addition, there are several additional benefits available to our employees, including: