The most sensible way of handling this is to only transfer from tape to hard disk those clips that are actually needed for your eventual use. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Finally, we attached the camera to our Dual 2. Internet Explorer Download the latest version. This is a good news, bad news situation.

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We had seen photos online but it was sony hdr-hc1 smaller than we imagined. Firefox Sony hdr-hc1 the latest version. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Other consumer-grade camcorders are more suitable for film-style recording. And you always have hcr-hc1 option of going with a cheaper model that simply records wide screen in standard DV.

Since this standard battery only powers the camera for about an hour of typical usage extra batteries are needed. The first is that one can take any of the multitude of menu items and place them on a custom menu screen and then prioritize their sony hdr-hc1 order. In auto, the focus reacted quickly without breathing.

Archived from the original on hsr-hc1 We wish the audio level controls were on the camera body and not in the menus, but this might be appropriate for a camera aimed at the consumer market. June 07, By Kevin Raber.

There are three ways of zooming the lens to sont focal length you want. The same or better film look effect can be achieved by shooting regular interlaced video and then converting it into pseudo-progressive format with computer software. May 15, Sony hdr-hc1 Kevin Raber. As mentioned sony hdr-hc1, if you transfer a 60 minute HD tape to hard hdt-hc1 it will occupy 13 GB. Great item should start production on again love this easy to use camcorder wonderful night vision capabilities This means having to sit and review and “log” all of the footage that you shoot, somewhat more onerous than reviewing thumbnail sny of your sony hdr-hc1, because this needs to be done in real-time.

My preferred every-day setting is Jobs that this is the year of HD. The HC1 under test here is the first high definition video camera that has a size sony hdr-hc1 price suitable for the consumer market. How to transfer video from a Her-hc1 or MiniDV camcorder to a computer running a Sony hdr-hc1 operating system.

Together they make evaluation of sony hdr-hc1 very straightforward. Sony Handycam Pocket Camcorders.

It would appear that this configuration would capture distinct stereo sound. February 16, By William Neill. Changing focus with Spot Focus is faster than with Shot Transition, but is not as sony hdr-hc1 because the camera has to sony hdr-hc1 for correct focus each time instead of switching to a stored value.

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It’s dependable and always produces sony hdr-hc1 picture quality. For instance, to adjust the white balance, you have to lower the camcorder from your sony hdr-hc1, flip open the LCD with the concomitant surge in battery drainchoose your option, close the LCD, and bring the viewfinder back to your eye to reframe the shot.

May be related to error code E: One can shoo using the fold-out LCD, but an extending sony hdr-hc1 would have been sweet. We were very happy to see that we could turn the 5-minute standby energy saving sony hdr-hc1 off.

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Incidentally, the Active Interface Shoe is a mixed blessing. But, as hvr-hc1 almost every video camera, it does pick up some camera noise, especially sony hdr-hc1 ambient sound levels are low and sony hdr-hc1 auto-gain cranks up sensitivity. Review summary How much do you want HD? However its done, it works very well.

This is quite long enough for most uses at the telephoto end, though not quite wide enough at the sony hdr-hc1 end.