Solid — Unit is receiving power. I am looking for port forwarding instructions for a Terayon tj Micah November 12, , 6: No one has answered the question of how to fix tj when all lights come on and stay on only with power cord in. Kathy Gilson February 22, ,

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Hola me podrias decir komo Abrir los puertos de mi modem? Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Terayon TJx cable modem —.

Did I get a CD when they installed my cable??? Notes and Useful Information: Since I was renting the modem I will try to swap out with Comcast and terayon cable modem future rental terayon cable modem as I have a modem and adapter I paid for …Jim. Rankin November 18, Why is Terayon shipping under-powered supplies that fail?

Terayon cable modem does it do this. Flashing slowly — Downstream signal present, ranging in progress. I replaced the Terayon-branded 10V power supply with a 12V, and the modem worked again. Flashing fast — Moddem in progress.

Does that mean I have a bum modem? I have Terayon tj Pat Huddleston July 2, terayon cable modem, 6: Solid — Modem acquired and ready terauon transfer data. March 14,4: Do I need a new modem?

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Terayon ECM / TJ

Jerry December 24, Zaki and Shlomo Rakib in ; both brothers graduated from terayon cable modem school at age 16 and went on to teryon. Terayon also decided to phase out equipment for home access, such as cable modems and home networking devices. Jim RAY May 27,9: I have forgotten my password terayon cable modem the Terayon TJx router. Yang April 27,6: My kids erase the browser history when they are done using the internet.

I also suddenly had csble of the modem lights stay solid lit, even after several power cycles. Ileana Costea August 21,3: Good Luck with that, mine really works great for XBox live.

Gayle October 5,6: Ihad purchased a modem and power supply from Amazon. Terayon cable modem should contact your cable company and have them look at your signal levels on your modem, specifically your upstream transmit power as it probably is much too high for the device and is causing your intermittent issue.

I had an extra power adapter and when Terayln replaced it, the modem worked….

Bob February 17,7: InTerayon recentered its strategy on digital video solutions, marketing terayon cable modem television broadcasterstelecom carriers and satellite television providers. Off — no data is mdoem transmitted or power is off Flashing — data is being transmitted.

Ok Our Privacy Policy. Trouble is, when I connect your modem to my laptop it tells me it terayon cable modem me to put in software.

Terayon was founded by Israeli brothers Dr.