Mine is Toshiba satellite c Thank you so much it has worked x. There isn’t a battery in my laptop,well I don’t think. Thanks had this issue today and it works a million thank you! What do you think was wrong?

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Did these works for all laptop brands or just for toshiba? I just got bright wavy lines and it didnt! I also try to open the laptop.

It didn’t work for me: I’m a moron for not even trying sooner! Yes it worked for me too. When I did that my screen is still black.

I have the same problem and that fixed it. The company said tht theres a problem on itS software I was looking into replacing the toshiba laptop monitor until this happend with the screen.

Just wondering if I can fix this myself. Worked for me after a dropped laptop left me with delayed black screen on second switch on after drop! It is regarding a reflow Only some of the idiot lights come on. Thank you so much, minitor worked. But when connected to toshiba laptop monitor another monitor it works perfectly.

External Monitor support

I didn’t even have to remove the battery. I can’t find it please.

Didn’t want to have to do that toshiba laptop monitor this machine, so I’m borrowing a heat gun tomorrow and using this procedure found on Oaptop. Would this work if you just let your computer completely run out of juice and then follow the steps above?

It works, but i was confused to put in battery back while laptop running not good practice for electronic devicessecondly i want to know that why toshiba laptop monitor happens? Thank You so much my grandson will be a happy camper when he finds out it is working again.

I had accidentally pressed a button that switches it on.


Try taking out the battery and putting it back in. Then removed the battery. Only mohitor the player screen not the toshiba laptop monitor full laptop screen. In Device Manager I disabled in Display Adapters this Dual Monitors adapter, remaining only simple amd driver and display boot on restart very fast.

Please can you help. Toshiba laptop monitor shall i do Took only one time, thank you!

How to Use an External Monitor With a Satellite Laptop

Show more comments. It worked for me! Still curious as to why the shift if it works.

Wow it really worked. Hi have a nice Day.! Thanks so much worked for Packard Bell laptop February 23 by oscar smee.