Support by Sony Mobile App. If we all pressure Sony one would think that they might do the right thing, alternatively we need to consider contacting the US consumer authorities or consider a class action. I’m the only one so far with the touchpad issue, but the lack of support and resolutoion of this issue has sent me back to Dell for new laptop needs. You are reporting the following post: R My product code:

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I really liked this laptop vaio trackpad I had to deal with support. Do not buy a vaio. I lost alot of songs that I bought at I-tune and other data as well.

Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an update again! However, as I trqckpad not given an option for replacement, I returned the unit yet again. A month ago, the touchpad decided to stop working. I’ve seen reports by the dozen of sony vaio angry users about this stupid ALPS touchpad.

Yes, Im afriad that’s vaio trackpad be the solution.

windows 7 – How can I enable touch pad scrolling on a Sony Vaio? – Super User

How can I enable touch pad scrolling on vaio trackpad Sony Vaio? Try it – you may find it already works.

Step 4 Internal Battery. Typically you stroke the far-right edge of the touchpad for vertical vaio trackpad and the bottom edge for horizontal.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Trackpad Replacement

Questions Tags Users Trackad Unanswered. Vaio trackpad, after some time, it began to get worst, going ballistic in my screen, hitting buttons i didn’t press.

Find the section for the touchpad and then you should have options to enable the touchpad, enable scrolling, set the scrolling region, etc. Re the Vaio I should have vaio trackpad better given the same problem existed on a version my wife bought 3 years ago.

I have a sony vaio SZ48, it is 4 months old, it came pre-loaded with vista business – Recently I have noticed vaio trackpad if I am using a USB mouse, things seem fine, but If i am using the touch-pad, the cursor on the screen seems to move in the total opposite direction to what I want.

Firefox 16, can no longer middle mouse click to open links in a new tab! I did vaio trackpad a recent post that stated the touchpad problem was hardware, but I can’t remember where. The unit was returned to me about a week later and the only thing that was vaio trackpad was that the hard drive was reformatted and vaio trackpad to it?

Scrolling should start working. Once you find it, it’s pretty self-evident how to set vaio trackpad. Billy Mera 11 1 1 2. How to disable the touch-pad on a Sony Vaio and of course enable it again! Alex R and 4 other contributors. Every post I have read here and other places affirms my experiences. Vaio trackpad, you’re right — touching the far right does work! It would not surprise me if someone files a class action lawsuit against Sony for its defective touchpads on many of their Vaio models.

Back to Vaio trackpad forum caio posts Page 1 of 10 01 02 03 04 05 Next. Thanks and good luck. On top of that, it crashed. The exact method to check vaio trackpad enable this will depend on the exact model you have – but the principles are the same for all. I too have the same problem It explains how to use the touchpad.

A newer version tackpad your browser may be available. I have tried to install 2 new wireless mice. Hey guys, i just returned from the Sony authorized support and they performed a “cleaning” in the laptop, trackpar was tracklad inside – so they said.