Should take any Athlon till the end. Yeah what he said. The SiS also has a lot of neat tricks up it’s sleeve: While legal issues have kept VIA’s success in the Pentium 4 market to a disappointing minimum, the story changes dramatically when you look at the Socket-A market. Hold off until you have the money to do the whole thing – the time between now and then is time for prices on parts to drop and stability issues to surface. Shame that the more recent VIAs are still having these problems, but I suppose I’m due for a new sound card anyway. Tue Jun 04, 6:

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VIA’s KT chipset: Socket A bonanza – The Tech Report – Page 4

Nov 13, Posts: Frankly, I suggest via kt333 save your via kt333 until October when Clawhammer is coming out. Thu May 23, 2: IMO you can’t really go kr333 with any of them. It’s this maturity that has given the KT series of chipsets such great respect in the community.

I’m via kt333 as interested in overclocking as I am stability and upgradeablity. The actual board reviews I ignored for now, but there is a chipset cheatsheet that lists the major chipsets and their features. BTW how does the nForce’s intergrated graphics via kt333 to a seperate card option.

May 20, Via kt333 Barton probably at Jul 1, Posts: They probably aren’t much better and AMD has made it clear that they really don’t want to be via kt333 the business of chipsets. I can’t really see recommending ,t333 upgrade from a kta board to a board.

VIA’s KT chipset: Socket A bonanza – The Tech Report – Page 2

Mon Jun 03, 2: Dec 2, Posts: Mon Jun 03, 3: I would wait for the clawhammer. Chronoscender Via kt333 Scholae Palatinae Tribus: The June issue of MaximumPC, already out to subscribers, if not the via kt333, did a review of the leading chipsets. I do likethough it’s agp performance is in some degree lacking, and there are a few other assorted issues, none of which are too big. Both motherboards run mega solid.

The via kt333 controller is based on that of the KTA. Also, remember that very small differences don’t really matter, because there’s some margin of error to our tests. Originally posted by Chronoscender: Unfortunately, the SiS is missing from this table.

Yeah what he said. So not only to you via kt333 a serious performance penalty for all your RAM, but you can’t use all the RAM in the 3rd slot.

List of VIA chipsets

The nForce D brings ky333 the table a lot of niceties: Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Your system isn’t that bad, so why not wait until the Hammers come via kt333. If you want to upgrade now, and don’t want something like the nForce which, IMHO, you should considerthen go via kt333 a KT based board.

The KT will allow for the highest overclocks, and, depending on board selection, will be stable. via kt333

Damn thing crashes every time I use it. After all, you won’t gain very much right now from a new motherboard, even with a move to DDR. Its at probably for via kt333.